What they say...

Geddy Lee

“The Orange AD200B and OBC410 cab give me crunchy, overdriven vintage tone. It’s an important part the RUSH tone.”

Jim Root

“I really like the creamy midrange, big headroom, and ‘less is more’ philosophy of Orange amps. And all I have to do is plug straight into it with my guitar. That’s my tone.”

Glenn Hughes

“I plugged into that Orange amp and it was as though it had been designed for me! It was the sound I had with Trapeze in ’69 and the sound I had in Deep Purple.”

Monte Pittman

“Orange Amplifiers give me the most versatile tone of any other amp I’ve found. They have a beautiful clean sound that also works perfectly when adding various pedals in front of the amp / My amps have been reliable without any problems after touring the world multiple times.”


“I’m an old Marshall guy forever but when we played through the Thunderverb 50′s it was a sweet kick in the teeth to play through an amp that had tone/push/and grind without a distortion pedal / Brilliant design. Thank you Orange.”  Bobby “Rock” Landgraf


“It’s got balls. It’s beefy. It’s got clarity. I really like Orange, otherwise I wouldn’t play it.” Troy Sanders