Orange Amplification British Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, Valve guitar, Combos, Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:55:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Antony Gunter Promoted to Sales Director Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:55:00 +0000 Orange is delighted to announce  that European and international sales manager, Antony Gunter has been promoted to global sales director.

The new role includes global sales responsibilities and day-to-day management of the UK and US sales teams.

Antony joined Orange Amplification in June 2004 as UK sales manager. In the last ten years he has seen his role change and expand from European sales manager to International sales manager and now sales director.

‘”I am proud to have been offered the sales director’s role with a company of the heritage and reputation that Orange holds in the music industry” said Antony. “I’m really looking forward to helping grow the brand even further and ensuring we deliver the best service possible to our ever expanding customer base.”

“On behalf of Orange Amplification it is with great pleasure that I announce the promotion of Antony to this important new role, stated Cliff Cooper, CEO. “His experience, dedication and leadership since joining Orange have been crucial factors in establishing the sales focus and product message that have fuelled international sales growth. I have the utmost confidence in Antony’s ability to build on these achievements and continue to lead the sales team forward.”

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Golden Gods Aftermath Wed, 18 Jun 2014 14:43:28 +0000 2000 people flocked to the O2 in London on 16th June to witness The Orange sponsored Golden Gods Awards 2014.

As in previous years they were an enormous success, with the Orange booth once again proving to be a major attraction. Images from our booth can be found on our Facebook Page, so if you struck a pose, check it out and see if you can find yourself.

This year, we ran a competition on the night with people being offered the chance to win a CRPRO 120 Head with a PPC212OB cabinet in exchange for the best pout of the night. (It was an 80s theme – don’t blame us!)  Three finalists were chosen from the many entries and were invited up onto the stage, where Steel Panther, (with some help from the audience) chose our worthy winner.

Check out Sam’s winning pout below.

The event had some awesome live performances from bands including Dillinger Escape Plan and Black Stone Cherry as well as an appearance by Darth Vader himself, David Prowse.

Pictured below are Behemoth and Black Stone Cherry during their sets.

The full list of winners is as follows:

Best New Band – Devil You Know

Dimebag Darrell ‘Shredder’ – Misha Mansoor of Periphery

Breakthrough Artist – Of Mice & Men

Best Underground Band – Wardruna

Best UK Band – Iron Maiden

Best Live Band – Killswitch Engage

Best International Band – Avenged Sevenfold

Global Metal Act – Orphaned Land and Khalas

Riff Lord – Mark Tremonti

King of the Internet – Devin Townsend

Inspiration – Hanoi Rocks

Album of the Year – ‘The Satanist’ – Behemoth

Icon – Michael Schenker

Spirit of Hammer – Darth Vader – Dave Prowse

The Golden God – Mikael Åkerfeldt

Game of the Year – Grand Theft Auto V

Video of the Year – ‘Party Like It’s The End Of The World’ – Steel Panther


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FULL SCHEDULE AND MORE BANDS ANNOUNCED FOR ‘THE CAMDEN ROCKS FESTIVAL’ 31ST MAY Tue, 20 May 2014 15:39:12 +0000 On the 31st of May the Camden Rocks Festival will see over two-hundred high-energy bands perform across Camden Town. It’s a one-mile run of thrilling music, exploding across twenty different venues on London’s most hallowed rock n’ roll streets.

We can now announce the full thrilling rock n’roll line-up for the day, the times, stages and schedules for all of the bands performing on the day.

Added to the line-up today we can announce the following bands; Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Slaves, Deadly Circus Fire, The Wild Lies, Whales In Cubicles, Empire, Protafield, The Vex, Silver Arm, The Peckham Cowboys, Crystal Seagulls, Plastic Barricades, 4th Street Traffic, Kenelis, Eat The Evidence, Petebox, Mavis, The Show, Get Inuit, Beasts, Duchess.


The full schedule for the day is as follows:

Electric Ballroom     21:15              The Subways
Electric Ballroom     20:00              Dinosaur Pile up
Electric Ballroom     18:45              Turbowolf
Electric Ballroom     17:30              Sonic Boom Six
Electric Ballroom     16:30              Blitz Kids
Electric Ballroom     15:30              Eureka Machines
Electric Ballroom     14:30              Protafield
Electric Ballroom     13:30              The Peckham Cowboys
Electric Ballroom     12:30              New Device

Underworld               21:30              Hacktivist
Underworld               20:30              Fearless Vampire Killers
Underworld               19:00              The Blackout
Underworld               18:00              The Howling
Underworld               17:00              Devil Sold His Soul
Underworld               16:00              Hounds
Underworld               15:00              Boy Jumps Ship
Underworld               14:00              Verses
Underworld               13:00              Sondura

Underworld               00:30 -03:00Afterparty + The Virginmarys

Proud                         21:15              Reverend and the Makers
Proud                         20:15              Petebox
Proud                         19:00              Exit Calm
Proud                         18:00              Trampolene
Proud                         17:00              The Struts
Proud                         16:00              Goldray
Proud                         15:00              Panic the Vulture
Proud                         14:00              Tankus the Henge
Proud                         13:00              Shiva and the Hazzards
Proud                         12:00              Duchess

Jazz Café                   21:30              Johnny Borrell and Zazou
Jazz Café                   20:30              The Graveltones
Jazz Café                   19:00              Ginger Wildheart
Jazz Café                   18:00              The Xcerts
Jazz Café                   17:00              Paul Hegley Band
Jazz Café                   16:00              The Petals
Jazz Café                   15:00              Strangefruit
Jazz Café                   14:00              4th Street Traffic
Jazz Café                   13:00              Saint Agnes
Jazz Café                   12:00              The RPM’s

Barfly                          21:30              Orange Goblin
Barfly                          20:30              Hang the bastard
Barfly                          19:15              TBA
Barfly                          18:15              Max Raptor
Barfly                          17:00              Gnarwolves
Barfly                          16:00              Toseland
Barfly                          15:00              Straight Lines
Barfly                          14:00              The Ratells
Barfly                          13:00              Dead Harts
Barfly                          12:00              Ugly Love

Dingwalls main                   22:15              The Virginmarys
Dingwalls main                   21:00              Nine Black Alps
Dingwalls main                   20:00              Acoustic TV (Terrorvision)
Dingwalls main                   19:00              Whales in Cubicles
Dingwalls main                   18:00              TBA
Dingwalls main                   17:00              Longy
Dingwalls main                   16:00              Bleech
Dingwalls main                   15:00              Knights
Dingwalls main                   14:00              Hero Fisher
Dingwalls main                   13:00              Tax the Heat
Dingwalls main                   12:00              Walk The Night

Purple Turtle             22:00              Messanger
Purple Turtle             21:00              Deadly Circus Fire
Purple Turtle             20:00              Generation Graveyard
Purple Turtle             19:00              palm reader
Purple Turtle             18:00              to the bones
Purple Turtle             17:00              Empire
Purple Turtle             16:00              Exit International
Purple Turtle             15:00              Flood Of Red
Purple Turtle             14:00              The Wild Lies
Purple Turtle             13:00              Romance
Purple Turtle             12:00              Eat The Evidence

Black Heart               22:00              God Damn
Black Heart               21:00              The Hell
Black Heart               20:00              LTNT
Black Heart               19:00              The Dogbones
Black Heart               18:00              Apologies, I Have None
Black Heart               17:00              Crazy Arm
Black Heart               16:00              Crystal Seagulls
Black Heart               15:00              Sons of Icarus
Black Heart               14:00              Shattered Skies
Black Heart               13:00              Menshevik
Black Heart               12:00              Death Koolaid

Hawley Arms                        22:00              Slaves
Hawley Arms                        21:00              Burning Beaches
Hawley Arms                        20:00              Storms
Hawley Arms                        19:00              Turbogeist
Hawley Arms                        18:00              Deadcuts
Hawley Arms                        17:00              Dirty Harrys
Hawley Arms                        16:00              Silver Arm
Hawley Arms                        15:00              Young Aviators
Hawley Arms                        14:00              Arms
Hawley Arms                        13:00              Dead Eye Mariners
Hawley Arms                        12:00              Weatherbird

Monarch                    22:00              Baby Godzilla
Monarch                    21:00              Beasts
Monarch                    20:00              Plastic Baricades
Monarch                    19:00              Bleach Blood
Monarch                    18:00              Black Dogs
Monarch                    17:00              The Hype Theory
Monarch                    16:00              Cytota
Monarch                    15:00              Dolomite Minor
Monarch                    14:00              Damn Dice
Monarch                    13:00              The Broken Chords
Monarch                    12:00             Charlie and the Band of Demons

Good Mixer                22:00              The Vex
Good Mixer                21:00              Under The Influence
Good Mixer                20:00              Raglans
Good Mixer                19:00              The Talks
Good Mixer                18:00              The One Hundred
Good Mixer                17:00              My Little Empire
Good Mixer                16:00              The St Pierre Snake Invasion
Good Mixer                15:00              Riskee And The Ridicule
Good Mixer                14:00              The Derellas
Good Mixer                13:00              The Cramatics
Good Mixer                12:00              Fur Cough

Enterprise                 23:00              Electric River
Enterprise                 22:00              Colt 45
Enterprise                 21:00              Calling All Cars
Enterprise                 20:00              Dead
Enterprise                 19:00              Kenelis
Enterprise                 18:00              New Desert blues
Enterprise                 17:00              West of the Sun
Enterprise                 16:00              LIFE
Enterprise                 15:00              Blast Until Moscow
Enterprise                 14:00              Avosetta
Enterprise                 13:00              Mia Klose
Enterprise                 12:00              Attention Thieves

The Cuban                22:00              Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
The Cuban                21:00              Cypher 16
The Cuban                20:00              The Carnabys
The Cuban                19:00              AudioWhores
The Cuban                18:00              Richa
The Cuban                17:00              Aerial Light
The Cuban                16:00              Shoulders of Giants
The Cuban                15:00              Shooting Suns
The Cuban                14:00              Gang of Gypsies
The Cuban                13:00              Remote View
The Cuban                12:00              David Pear

Beatrice                     03:00              Mixhell
Beatrice                     02:00              Little Barrie
Beatrice                     01:00              Money For Rope
Beatrice                     00:00              Rubylux
Beatrice                     23:00              Flagship
Beatrice                     22:00              Dead Sea Skulls
Beatrice                     21:00              A Plastic Rose
Beatrice                     20:00              Broken Hands
Beatrice                     19:00              I Am In Love
Beatrice                     18:00              IC1′S
Beatrice                     17:00              The Din
Beatrice                     16:00              Love Zombies
Beatrice                     15:00              Dumbjaw
Beatrice                     14:00              Voodoo Vegas
Beatrice                     13:00              Chasing Cadence
Beatrice                     12:00              Get Inuit

The Forge                 16:30              The Virginmarys
The Forge                 15:30              Fearless Vampire Killers
The Forge                 14:30              Blitz Kids
The Forge                 13:30              Longy
The Forge                 12:30              Sean Grant & The Wolfgang

The Black Cap                     22:00              Wounds
The Black Cap                     21:00              Zoax
The Black Cap                     20:00              The Mercy House
The Black Cap                     19:00              Drones
The Black Cap                     18:00              Mitsubishis
The Black Cap                     17:00              Legend In Japan
The Black Cap                     16:00              Nevermind
The Black Cap                     15:00              Tropical Contact
The Black Cap                     14:00              Stereo Juggernaught
The Black Cap                     13:00              Mr Shiraz
The Black Cap                     12:00              Gem Stone & The Mil Men

Dingwalls Canal side         22:00              Mavis
Dingwalls Canal side         21:00              Vuvuvultures
Dingwalls Canal side         20:00              The Dash
Dingwalls Canal side         19:00              Paris Pickpockets
Dingwalls Canal side         18:00              The Dirty Truth
Dingwalls Canal side         17:00              The Parade
Dingwalls Canal side         16:00              The Front
Dingwalls Canal side         15:00              Kerri Watt
Dingwalls Canal side         14:00              ITAMAR
Dingwalls Canal side         13:00              Los Pepes
Dingwalls Canal side         12:00              Healthy Junkies

Camden Head                     22:30              Verse Chorus Verse
Camden Head                     21:30              Rob Jones (Missing Andy)
Camden Head                     20:30              Oxygen Thief
Camden Head                     19:30              The Show
Camden Head                     18:30              Jonny Walker
Camden Head                     17:30              Star Scream
Camden Head                     16:30              Sam Forrest (Nine Black Alps)
Camden Head                     15:30              Joe Fox
Camden Head                     14:30              Sample Answer
Camden Head                     13:30              Riskee & The Ridicule

Brewdog                    23:30              Crazy Arm
Brewdog                    22:30              The Honey Ants
Brewdog                    21:30              Adam French
Brewdog                    20:30              The Undivided
Brewdog                    19:30              Colt 45
Brewdog                    18:30              Sam Duckworth (Get cape. Wear cape. Fly)
Brewdog                    17:30              Matty James
Brewdog                    16:30              Shea
Brewdog                    15:30              Jamie Kimmett
Brewdog                    14:30              Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines)
Brewdog                    13:30              Milk n Kinski

Camden Rocks Festival is going to be the rock n’ roll street party of the year. Over two hundred of the best new and established guitar bands performing across twenty venues in Camden Town, celebrating everything that is vital, exciting and life-affirming about rock music right now in 2014.

£25 tickets are now available from the link below subject to booking / transaction fees

Over 200 bands for £25 playing in twenty different venues, that’s roughly 10p per band!

Venues include:


More information on the links below.


Contact James Sherry at Division Promotions for more information on 0208 962 8282. Email:

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Tiny Terror – Most Important Guitar Product in the Last 30 Years. Fri, 02 May 2014 14:32:40 +0000 Guitarist Magazine has just published their list of the 30 most important guitar product of the last 30 years.  At number 1 is the Tiny Terror.

“Orange’s miniature 15-watt valve head kickstarted a lunchbox amp craze that saw almost every major amp manufacturer follow suit.”


“On hearing this news, I felt such a warm and proud feeling on behalf of all the folks at Orange. We are so grateful to everyone at Guitarist and Music Radar and are humbled by this kind recognition.”  Cliff Cooper – Founder & CEO


Click HERE to see the full list.

Artists using the Tiny Terror:

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Win a chance to perform at Camden Rocks Thu, 01 May 2014 12:12:58 +0000 POSTER_29 4 2014 (2)


On the 31st of May the Camden Rocks Festival will see over two-hundred high-energy bands perform across Camden Town. It’s a one-mile run of thrilling music, exploding across twenty different venues on London’s most hallowed rock n’ roll streets.

The festival is proud to be able to mix established acts from the world of rock and indie alongside a wealth of new talent from the UK, aiming to give much needed exposure to the incredible new music pouring out of the UK right now. Britain’s got talent, but it isn’t being televised alongside the karaoke singers and performing animals for Simon Cowell. In light of this, Camden Rocks Festival is announcing a competition that gives more bands a chance to perform on the day. Check for details on how to enter.

The more times a bands name is submitted, the bigger chance it has of going into the votes that kick off THIS SUNDAY! So bands & fans, GET SHARING & SUBMITTING!

Further acts are confirmed this week as Johnny Borrell and Zazou, Fearless Vampire Killers, Devil Sold His Soul and Mixhell (featuring legendary Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera) join Toseland, A Plastic Rose, Zoax, Little Barrie, Rubylux, Empress, Longy, Money For Rope, Vuvuvultures, Under The Influence, Flagship, The Carnabys, Tax The Heat, The Ratells, The RPM’s, Audio Whores, Adam French, Shooting Stars and Remote View who are also added to the bill this week.

“We’re super excited about coming back to Camden rocks this year,” exclaims Fearless Vampire Killers frontman Keir Kemp. “It’s a real family vibe. Best acts from across all genres coming together with the mutual intension of melting faces… amen!”

These artists join already announced acts such as The Subways, Reverend & The Makers, Gnarwolves, Blitz Kids, Nine Black Alps, Turbowolf, The Blackout, Orange Goblin, Ginger Wildheart, Hacktivist and The Virginmarys plus a host of others, see flyer for full details.

Organiser Chris McCormack says “I’m really excited to showcase some of these great new bands I’ve been working with this year. We’re going to set Camden alight (not literally) with the best new music in the UK.”

Camden Rocks Festival is going to be the rock n’ roll street party of the year. Over two hundred of the best new and established guitar bands performing across twenty venues in Camden Town, celebrating everything that is vital, exciting and life-affirming about rock music right now in 2014.

Last year’s event was a sell-out success with over 150 bands taking over Camden. Bands such as Therapy? The Rifles, Hawk Eyes, Rise To Remain, Turbowolf, Fearless Vampire Killers, The Computers, Lost Alone and many more joined forces with legends such as the Sex Pistols guitarist Glenn Matlock, Carl Barat from The Libertines for a day of essential rock n’roll fun and action.

£25 tickets are now available from the link below subject to booking / transaction fees

Over 200 bands for £25 playing in twenty different venues, that’s roughly 10p per band!

Venues include:


More information on the links below.


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On the 31st of May the Camden Rocks Festival will see over two-hundred high-energy bands perform across Camden Town. It’s a one-mile run of thrilling music that takes in over twenty different venues, all happening on what has always been London’s most rock n’ roll streets.

 A mixture of established and brand new acts will be rubbing shoulders throughout the day and Camden Rocks Festival is now proud to announce that Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.), Dinosaur Pile Up, The Xcerts, Exit Calm and Irish punks Wounds have been added to the line-up.

“It’s been a long time since we last played in London,” states Xcerts guitarist and vocalist Murray Macleod. “So we are psyched to be playing at Camden Rocks Festival. We have just finished making our new record and we’re looking forward to playing some new jams and seeing some familiar/new faces.”

Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.) adds “Camden is the alternative heart of London. It’s a special place when it bursts into life and no more so on occasions like this. I’m excited to be a part of Camden Rocks, bringing you some new songs, checking out some great bands and enjoying the chaos”

The new bands, however, are equally important to Camden Rocks day, giving fresh acts the chance to be heard and seen by the rock n’roll revellers flowing through the festival.

The following bands are also now confirmed to play: Cypher 16, The Struts, I Am In Love, Dead Harts, Drones, Storms, Hero Fisher, New Desert Blues, Nevermind, Calling All Cars, Tropical Contact, Weatherbird, Raglans, Mr Shiraz, Life, The Petals, Matty James, Gemma Rogers And The Mil Men, Ugly Love, Jamie Kimmett, The Honey Ants, Sample Answer, Gang Of Gypsies, Ariel Light, Richa And Shoulders Of Giants.

These artists join already announced acts such as The Subways, Reverend & The Makers, Gnarwolves, Blitz Kids, Nine Black Alps, Turbowolf, The Blackout, Orange Goblin, Ginger Wildheart, Hacktivist, Sonic Boom Six and The Virginmarys plus a host of others, see flyer for full details.

This is one big Rock n Roll street party,” says event organizer Chris McCormack. “It’s now in pretty much every venue in Camden. It’s pretty cool to be able to turn Camden into the noisiest place on earth for a day! 200 of the best new guitar bands in 20 venues”

Camden Rocks Festival is going to be the rock n’ roll street party of the year. Over two hundred of the best new and established guitar bands performing across twenty venues in Camden Town, celebrating everything that is vital, exciting and life-affirming about rock music right now in 2014.

£25 tickets are available from the link below subject to booking / transaction fees

Over 200 bands for £25 playing in twenty different venues, that’s roughly 10p per band!

Venues include:


More information on the links below.


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Orange Amplification Announces Headline Sponsorship of Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2014 Tue, 08 Apr 2014 15:51:36 +0000 gg-banner

Orange Amplification is reinforcing its hard rock credentials as it sponsors, for the third consecutive year, the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards presented in association with World Of Tanks. This prestigious event, hosted by Steel Panther, takes place at the London Indigo2, Greenwich on the 16th June 2014, preceded by the pre-show boat party on HMS Hammer presented by Vans.

 The Metal Hammer Gold God Awards are some of the most coveted metal music awards in the world. They’re always accompanied by an exclusive, explosive party, which features intimate live music performances from the most sought after bands in the business. Orange Amplification has a long history of being the amp of choice for metal guitarists and bassists and their credentials were further reinforced recently with the launch of the very metal Dual Dark amplifier whose earth shaking tonal depth would make the heart of any metal head melt!

 Satch, Michael, Lexxi and Stix of Steel Panther, renowned for their ability for absurd mimicry of the 1980’s metal are hosting the event. Expect spandex, mad jokes and superb craftsmanship in their performance! The Dillinger Escape Plan are looking forward to wrecking havoc on HMS Hammer, as are Texan hell raisers Upon A Burning Body, Rex Brown’s Kill Devil Hill and death metal heroes Dying Fetus. Names for the main event will be announced in the coming weeks.

 At the core of every Golden God celebrations are the fans, because they vote for many of the awards. This year is no exception, and every fan that votes will be in with a chance of winning tickets to attend this highly respected event. Nominations are up on theMetal Hammer website and voting opens Tuesday April 8th 2014 until Friday 23rd May 2014. Other awards presented on the night, and chosen by the Metal Hammer team included The Golden God award presented by Orange Amplification.

 Orange ambassadors in the nominations include Justin Aufdemkampe (Miss May I) for the Dimebag Darrell Shredder Award, Killswitch Engage for Best Live Band, Scorpion Child in the Best Underground category andArchitects for Best UK Band. Vote and be in with a chance of getting shoulder to shoulder with your favourite artists.

 To find out more about the Golden God Awards please go to Metal Hammer for the latest news. To find out more about Orange, the Dual Dark and all the other gear please go to

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IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube Orange for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Mon, 07 Apr 2014 14:25:49 +0000 Now guitar and bass players can rock with the unmistakable tone of Orange everywhere they go.

IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories for iOS devices, is pleased to announce a new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app that will delight Orange Amplifier fanatics around the globe: AmpliTube® Orange® for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

Officially licensed and developed in close partnership with Orange Amps, AmpliTube Orange is a real time mobile Orange Amplifier and effects studio featuring digital models of 5 classic and modern Orange guitar amplifiers and one Orange bass amplifier. Each amp and cab model has been meticulously recreated in both looks and sound to deliver spot-on Orange tone any time, everywhere.



Orange Appeal
Derived from the fan-favorite desktop version of AmpliTube Orange, the app offers 5 guitar amps and one bass amp. Guitar amps included are the 40th anniversary reissue of the single channel “pics only” original OR50, the ultra-versatile “dirty” channel of the Rockerverb 50 MKII with multiple gain stages, the dual-channel 200-watt Thunderverb 200, the simple yet powerful original Tiny Terror “lunchbox amp”, and the straight ahead “British voiced” AD30. For bass players, AmpliTube Orange also spotlights the single channel vintage inspired AD 200 Bass MK 3 offering a huge range of bass tones from ultra clean to pure dirt and grit.

AmpliTube Orange also features perfectly matched Orange speaker cabinets as well — the 4×12” PPC, 1×12” PPC, 2×12” PPC, 2×12” AD30 and the 1×15” OBC. The cabinets are individually selectable, so they can be mixed and matched with other amp heads for different sound possibilities.

Stompbox Effects Mania
Even though Orange doesn’t make stompbox effects, IK Multimedia has created 4 vintage styled Orange-inspired effects to make AmpliTube Orange a versatile stage and studio suite. Players will find four staple effects: a “Noise Filter” for keeping the hiss down when the gain is cranked; the “Highway Drive” vintage inspired overdrive pedal with crunch, level and tone controls, the “Echo Trip” delay pedal with feedback, delay time, level and tone controls, and “The Shaker” tremolo pedal with rate, depth and inspirational “shape” control.

Recording Studio
After dialing in their favorite tones, players can start recording thanks to AmpliTube Orange’s built-in recorder. The recorder section can be expanded via in-app purchase (4 tracks on iPhone/iPod touch, 8 tracks on iPad) for multi-track recording and composition. The full recorder features a bounce function that frees up tracks for limitless recording, and a master effects section with global reverb, eq and compression. Players can record complete compositions without leaving AmpliTube Orange.

AmpliTube Orange is also Inter-App Audio and Audiobus compatible, so it can be used as an input or effect in other compatible audio apps like GarageBand, making it perfect for injecting Orange tone into other audio environments.

Practice Buddy
AmpliTube Orange is also the perfect practice tool, thanks to its built-in “Song” section. The Song section allows a user to import any audio from their device iTunes library and play along. It features a “no voice” button that cancels the center portion of the stereo field (where most vocals and leads are placed) making soloing over existing recordings a breeze. There’s also a speed control that allows users to slow down (or speed up) audio material without changing pitch, allowing players to learn difficult passages or enhance their speed and precision.

Standalone or AmpliTube in-app
AmpliTube Orange is available as a standalone app from the App StoreSM, an “in-app” purchase bundle within AmpliTube, or individual amps and effects can be purchased a-la-carte as in-app purchases within AmpliTube. This gives players the flexibility to choose the bundle or individual models as their needs change.

Plugging In and Control
With IK Multimedia’s range of interfaces and controllers for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac/PC, getting a guitar signal to AmpliTube Orange is as simple as plugging into an amplifier. iRig HD and iRig PRO are the newest digital interfaces that allow players to plug into an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and a Mac or PC and deliver pristine quality pure guitar signal. iRig BlueBoard is the advanced Bluetooth® pedalboard that allows for control of presets and sound parameters in AmpliTube, wirelessly, from the floor, without laying your axe down.

Pricing & Availability
AmpliTube Orange is available now on the App StoreSM in two versions: AmpliTube Orange for iPhone/iPod touch and AmpliTube Orange for iPad for $14.99/€13.99 each. The 4–Track recorder and 8-Track recorder with master effects section on iPhone and iPad cost $9.99/€8.99 and $14.99/€13.99 respectively as an in-app purchase.

AmpliTube Orange is also available as a bundle for existing AmpliTube users for $14.99/€13.99 as an in-app purchase. Individual gear models are also available for in-app purchase, price ranging from $2.99/€2.69 to $6.99/€5.99.

For more information about IK’s range of interfaces and accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac/PC, please visit:


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Orange to Release Limited Edition White Amps Tue, 25 Feb 2014 15:52:23 +0000 Orange Amplification are launching a limited edition white finish of their Rockerverb guitar amp heads and combos, Thunderverb 200 and 50 heads and legendary PPC412 and the more compact PPC212 Speaker Enclosures.

For a limited time only, these sought after heads and speaker enclosures will be available finished, as never before, in a prestigious white Levant covering trimmed with traditional gold piping and gold capped handles. These elegant amplifiers and cabinets are the ultimate in luxury!

The Orange Rockerverb series, long regarded as a British guitar amp masterpiece, are highly versatile roadworthy amps covering a wide range of tones. MusicRadar readers voted the Rockerverb 50 Combo one of the best valve combo guitar amps in the world in 2013.

Orange’s Thunderverb series amps have long been revered as one of the best sounding amps and were recently described by Guitar World to have ‘jaw dropping British tones, superb versatility and exceptional quality’. The smaller Thunderverb 50, stated MusicRadar, is ‘highly versatile and powerful head from one of the UK’s great amp builders.’

The matching white PPC412 and compact lighter PPC212 speaker enclosures
are built to the same high standards and deliver the distinct warm midrange tones synonymous with Orange.

The white limited editions ranges will be at the Frankfurt Musikmesse exhibition on the Orange Music Booth (F60, Hall 4.0) and are available for general distribution from April 2014.

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Get Loud with Orange at SXSW 2014 to Support Music Education in U.S. Public Schools Thu, 20 Feb 2014 16:37:11 +0000 #OrangeGives Campaign to Benefit National Nonprofit Little Kids Rock

(Atlanta – February 19, 2014) Orange Amplification will get loud at SXSW 2014 to support music education in schools amidst budget cuts nationwide that are eliminating programs in low-income communities. The renowned amplifier manufacturer – known for its unique tones and distinctive design – is encouraging music fans at SXSW and around the world to join them in bringing free music education and instruments to children in under-served public schools across the U.S.

In addition to giving SXSW-goers the opportunity to demo Orange gear at the Orange-sponsored Under the Radar day parties March 12-14 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Flamingo Cantina, 515 E. 6th Street, Austin, Orange will donate $1 to Little Kids Rock every time someone posts to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #OrangeGives (limited to one entry per person/social media identity). You don’t need to be at SXSW to participate, but bonus points if you post a photo or video of a band getting loud with Orange gear along with the hashtag #OrangeGives.

The #OrangeGives campaign benefitting Little Kids Rock will kick off Wednesday, March 12 at 11am CST and ends Sunday, March 16 at 11:59pm CST.

What’s more, everyone who includes the #OrangeGives hashtag along with a photo or video showing Orange gear – whether on stage at SXSW, in their home studio or with bands rocking out at a local club – will be entered into a drawing to win a premium Orange OR15 Amp Head.

“The future of music is Little Kids Rock,” says Alex Auxier, Artist Relations Manager for Orange Amplifiers. “Across the country music programs are losing financial support. Every lost dollar could mean another child never learns to play an instrument – a skill that can be vital to their well being. Orange Amps supports Little Kids Rock because we believe it is our obligation. Tag #OrangeGives and let’s create another generation of talented musicians together!”

“Little Kids Rock is thrilled to be partnering with Orange Amplifiers,” says Little Kids Rock Founder and Executive Director, David Wish. “Their support will help us turn up the volume in public schools across the country by bringing our free, rockin’ music education program into their kids’ lives!”

The Orange-sponsored Under the Radar day parties at Flamingo Cantina March 12-14 are free and open to the public—no RSVPs or badges required. Orange will donate $1 to Little Kids Rock for each #OrangeGives hashtag during the duration of the campaign, up to $2,000.

Little Kids Rock is a renowned nonprofit that transforms children’s lives by restoring and revitalizing music education in disadvantaged public schools. Supporters include James Hetfield, Steven Van Zandt, Elvis Costello, Josh Groban, Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt and other renowned musicians.

The #OrangeGives campaign was created by M4G (Music for Good) Media, which connects top-notch brands, artists and non-profits to create mutually beneficial campaigns and events.

Orange Gives Contest Rules

Official Contest Rules

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

Contest Dates:

Orange Amplification’s Orange Gives contest will begin March 12, 2014 at 11am CST and ends March 16, 2014 at 11:59pm CST.

Everyone who includes the #OrangeGives hashtag on Twitter or Instagram will be entered into a drawing to win a premium Orange OR15 Amp Head (valued at $600 USD), limited to one entry per person/social media identity.


The Contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States, including the District of Columbia, who are registered users of Twitter and Instagram. Submissions may only be submitted by a single registered user. Employees of Orange Amplification are not eligible to enter or win a prize. Anyone found to use multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible. Use of the #OrangeGives hashtag on Twitter or Instagram constitutes acceptance of the contest rules.

How to Enter:

Use the #OrangeGives hashtag on Twitter or Instagram from 11am CST March 12, 2014 – 11:59pm CST March 16, 2014. Entries are limited to one entry per person/social media identity.

Prize Winner Selection:

The prize winner will be selected at random after the contest end date and will be notified via the Twitter or Instagram account used to create the entry, no later than April 1, 2014.

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