What you need to do to obtain Warranty/Non-warranty Service:

You must download, fill out, and print the OrangeUSA RMA Repair Form, provide the info requested on this form, and include a copy of the original purchase receipt. Please enclose these two documents with your amp, and ship your amp to the OrangeUSA Service Dept. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your amp, and based on the information provided in accordance with the terms set out herein, we will determine the best course of action. For USA warranties, OrangeUSA provides its own service and parts at no charge providing:

a) covered under warranty, b) customer provides “proof of purchase” and c) the unit is returned properly packed.

OrangeUSA is not responsible for shipping damage.

If covered under warranty:

If age of unit is 1 to 90 days, OrangeUSA pays ground shipping both ways.

If age of unit is 91 days to 365 days (pending 2nd year warranty extension), customer pays shipping to OrangeUSA and OrangeUSA pays return ground shipping. However, to qualify for OrangeUSA to pay for shipping, it has to be a valid product defect and not an oversight or user error.

For non-warranty repairs, customer pays shipping both ways. Repair charges must be paid within 45 days of repair completion or it becomes the property of OrangeUSA

What is covered?

Defects in the materials and workmanship of your product which has been purchased through an authorized dealer of Orange USA. This Warranty shall be applicable when the original sales receipt or proof of purchase of the Product is presented together with the defective product.

What is not covered?

Damage caused by negligence, modification, improper use, incorrect voltages or general wear and tear. Damage caused during transportation of the product. Damage caused by repair or service carried out by persons not authorized by Orange USA. A Product with a serial number which has been defaced, removed etc. A Product which was not purchased from an Authorized Dealer within the USA. If no problem is found, the RMA will be subject to a minimum bench fee.

Warranty period

This Warranty shall cover the following Products and components as below:
• Amplifiers and speaker enclosures – 1 year, extended to 2 years*
• Valves, fuses, foot-pedals, and Speakers – 90 days
*The extended warranty period is only applicable if the above form is submitted prior to the expiration of the initial 1 year warranty which begins at the date of purchase. It is your responsibility to submit this information and we shall not be liable nor do we accept any responsibility whatsoever for non-receipt of this information.


Orange USA Customer RMA Form



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